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What keeps america fat?… America

Featured Image by Eimrehs
What Keeps America Fat – A Harsh Reality | Infographic |


Trust Me Captain America would not let himself go the way this country has.
You hear every excuse under the sun as to why we are fat but what keeps us there?
I came across the Infograpic to the right and it does a very good job of illustrating
that WE are the reason america is fat.

If we want to end the trend of obesity and change the fate of our people we need to stop looking for the invading red army.There isn’t one. Americas greatest enemy is already with in our boarders. It has been living here since the late 80’s growing stronger and killing more of us every single day.

Obesity is the number 1  killer of Americans having surpassed smoking and terrorism long ago. Maybe Seal team six should have been hunting for Ronald McDonald instead of Osama Bin Laden. OK maybe thats not fair but would Batman buy a hamburger from this guy?

Look there are options out there, there actually a TON of options
You can do a free service like Arnel Franco’s Six pack abs Or Bodyrock.
You can pay for a service like  Michel Thurman’s Six Week Body Makeover.
You can Google how to lose weight and get a million pages.

yes you can Join a Beachbody team like ours and get support even if you use
TaeBo or the abrocker. You just may not see the results we have. That being said,
Not every thing is about beachbody or p90x. Those are just the ones I support
because I personally know they work.

In the end its always your choice.  We may not live in Gotham City but there is a clown laughing at you right now. Just don’t let your life or the lives of your friends and family be part of his punchline.

I am here to help motivate and support anyone  actively trying to make a change in their life. Need to lose 10lbs? 50lbs? 100lbs? You can make me your coach for free by clicking here.

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