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4 Steps to Letting Go of Your Past

Remember that it ain’t about the times that you fall down. No it’s about the times you rise again –   Starboy Nathan

We all heard it from time to time. “You need to just let go of that”

First thought is “are you serious do you know what that did to me?!”

Your fist thought is not only your first mistake but the reason you struggle to let go. It can be something as simple as losing a game of basketball to dealing with a failed marriage or loss of a friend. The only way to Let go of your past and get over the events that have taken place is to accept that they happened and not believe you are entitled to hold on to them.

“As long as you make an identity for yourself out of pain, you cannot be free of it.” -Eckhart Tolle

Truth is you will find the same goes for Fitness and self development. If you can’t let go of the reasons you gained your weight or what people have said/done to you because of your weight chance are great you will continue along through life in a self destructive pattern.

Try these 4 Steps and see what happens.

  1. Understand that reality is created and destroyed every second of every day. The future isn’t here yet and the past is long gone. What ever caused your issue is not causing your issue.
  2. Realize that the only person suffering from your anger or self loathing is you… no one else. If kids called you fat yesterday, last summer, 10 years ago you aren’t getting them back by stuffing your face , continuing as you always have or thinking about suicide.
  3. Decide is it worth your future. Is it worth constantly thinking about or obsessing about past events if you know they will destroy your future (they will), if you know they will rob you of happiness(they will), and if you know they will prevent you from becoming who you were meant to be (and they will)?
  4. Commit to changing your destiny. The events of your past may have set you down the path you are on and it may not be the path you wanted to be on. now is the time to choose the destiny you want. Choose the path you want in life and let go of your inhibitions. let go of whatever has held you back or prevented you from achieving greatness

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