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4 reasons you will Fail at being a Beachbody Coach

  1. You are not a product of the product

    There is no way you could be successful as a coach if you are not ready and willing to commit to both Shakeology and a workout program. We are in a results driven business. Where triumph over adversity and life changing stories are an everyday event.We have changed the lives of thousands of people with home workouts like P90X, Insanity and TurboFire.

    If you have never done a Beachbody workout how can you hope to compare it to the latest and greatest Gym Rat Routine in Men’s Fitness?  Shakeology is the bread and butter of the coach network. It is not only the key to growing your business but helping others change their eating habits. If  you aren’t drinking it can you truly share your experience with others and get them to drink it?

  2. You are looking for a get rich quick scheme

    If your reason for joining Beachbody is to make a quick buck, you may as well look else where. Like ANY business coaching takes time and effort. It could be as little as an hour a day, but an hour a day adds up. The more time you begin to put into your business the more you will get back from it.

  3. You have no desire to help people

    The driving force behind what we do as coaches is the desire to help others. Nothing can match the feeling of knowing you had a small part in altering the course of someones life for the better. It ranges from helping someone loss the last 5 pounds to  literally saving someones life as they drop half their body weight. Many of us would do this if we didn’t make a dime, the paychecks are just a bonus. Beachbody coaching is not about money it never was , its core has and always will be about helping others and staying accountable. If you help just one person to make a change, in this business, you are a rock star.

  4. You are afraid of Failure

    The greatest men and women, in this business and throughout the history of man have one thing in common.
    They were not afraid of failure. Failure is a part of life. You didn’t just stand up and start walking one day. You’re not going to just explode from coach to 15star diamond. No one is perfect and if you spend your life trying not to ever screw up… well you most likely will have wasted your life. There are millions of people that would love the opportunity to fail at owning their own business and even more that would love the chance to succeed at it. If you can’t let go of your fear and take a chance on your own future what does that say about you?

    Look if none of that applies to you , prove it. Step up to the plate Send me an email we can setup a call and see if  you truly have what it takes.

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