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300 Challenge

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Spartan Brother Nick Husin

When Frank Millers 300 Hit the comic scene its dark art style instantly made it a classic. When the movie 300 hit the theaters i don’t think people were ready for the crazy ripped guys they saw on screen. Every last one of us ran home, hit goggle to find out how they did it. The routine they ran was way to much for the ordinary man , its challenging even for the extraordinary man.

Not to be discouraged Several of my p90x buddies led by Joey Petri created a workout and accountability group called the 300 Challenge. Their goal? to be the spartan costume for Halloween and not wear plastic abs with a suit of armor.

They Decided to use P90x, Commited to the challenge and succeed in thier goal to be the costume. It has evolved into an annual event which is just around the corner (Aug 1st- oct31).  The question is will you be ready to take the challenge?

I’m here to help you prepare for glory and complete that challenge.
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