3 Acronyms for Success

The key to success in anything especially when doing a fitness program (like p90x2 or Asylum) can be simplified in to just  three acronyms. That is it just three. Now If you honestly use this three things you will see an incredible amount of success no matter what the journey is you have chosen to go on. speaking of which if you would like to join me on either the quest to




feel free to click on of the links. In the mean time have a look and please leave a comment below to let me know what you think or if you have had success with these  acronyms.  and growth

Visualize the Action (VTA)

The action is what you are doing, Understand the movement and see  it in your head, know how you will complete it perfectly each time. Keeping your mind on the action will help you to focus on the contracton.

 Focus on Contraction (FOC)

Stress on your muscle is what forces them to grow, and muscle growth is how you increase your metabolism so you can burn more calories during your day. At the top of the move, focus on contracting the muscle. You can feel it tighten, you can feel the increased stress and heat. This will help you to connect to the move and maximize the Realized Results.

Realized Results (R&R)

Understand that the changes are happening.  More often on a level you can’t see them, but they are happening. Pay attention to how much easier other things get for you over time and how much better you feel. The scale may or may not move but it is the last metric you should ever concern your self with.


success tip

Bonus Tip-

These principals should be applied to business and education as well
VTA – Visualize what you have to do
FOC   – Focus on  what you have to do
R&R – Realize what works

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